Household Robots Releases 10-Point Buying Guide for Robot Vacuum Cleaners

October 12 04:50 2018

Copenhagen, Denmark – October 12, 2018 – Online buying appears all to simple, but when it comes to buying robot vacuum cleaners or floor mopping robots, there is a jungle of brands and technicalities to wade through. Making it all simple is the new online platform, Household Robots.

Cutting edge innovations such as robotic vacuum cleaners are known to leave buyers in a state of utter confusion. Just what features would they need, and which brands and models will meet their specific requirements? Household Robots, the site that reviews the most popular brands, understands the perplexities, and has thus brought out a ten easy factors to keep in mind before putting that robotic vacuum cleaner in the shopping cart.

Thousands of people all are purchasing household robots every single day. The problem is that most buyers are not aware of their actual needs before they purchase a robot vacuum cleaner. And it is sad to spend several hundred dollars just to realize that you bought a device that just doesn’t fit your family’s needs,”  says Brian Petersen of Household Robots.

The ten factors before buying robot vacuum cleaners as recommended by Household Robots:

  1. Factor number one to consider is the design of the home. The robot cleaner should be able to easily access the areas that require cleaning.
  2. Secondly, the robot should have enough battery power to service any large areas at home.
  3. At number three comes the dustbin size, which should be large enough for the cleaning task to be accomplished at one go.
  4. Consider types and mix of floorings. Only some robots work equally well on all surfaces.
  5. For pet owners, the robot cleaner should carry good suction power for removing hair. To secure water or food bowls, some robotic cleaners carry virtual walls.
  6. For those allergic to dust, some robotic cleaners carry a HEPA filter to avoid dust circulating in the air during cleanup.
  7. Those who need to schedule or program their vacuuming should look out for the scheduling function. The best models have wi-fi support and can be programmed and managed from a smart phone.
  8. Intelligent mapping and navigation is an important feature. Cheaper models may run until they bump into something and change directions, leaving some areas uncleaned.
  9. Before vacuuming, it’s important to clear the floor of toys, electrical cables or clothes lying around.
  10. Maintenance and lifetime: Make sure to pick a good robot vacuum cleaner that is easy to maintain and where you can purchase spare parts. Keeping your robot vacuum cleaner in good shape would make it last for many years.

More information and reviews of the latest and best robotic vacuum cleaners and floor mopping robots are available from the official Household Robots website.

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