1 In 3 Canadians Including Teenagers and Children Are Sleep Deprived and How Pillows Can Aid That

January 18 14:40 2019
Not getting enough poses a high risk to overall health from heart disease, kidney disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, and stroke to mental health, and while there are numerous factors playing a role in finding a solution for this, a good pillow can be key.

Yogibo, a globally loved brand in manufacturing and retailing next-generation bean bags, home decor products, and comfort accessories, wants to raise awareness of the importance of having the right pillow that will maintain the neck and back aligned while sleeping and simultaneously offer a high level of comfort. This comes as recent reports reveal about 1 in 3 people in Canada are sleep deprived, propelling the country to the third place in the world in terms of sleep deprivation1. With the average Canadian sleeping less than 6 hours every night, selecting the right neck, back or body pillow can be central to avoiding future health risks and enabling a whole new level of relaxation. This is where Yogibo products come in.

A key Yogibo spokesperson explains, “Being sleep deprived is a hazard for health, not only because it makes us more prone to developing chronic conditions, but also because it impairs judgement which in itself comes with many dangers. Nowadays, we are more stressed and on-the-go than ever before and it’s catching up with us. We feel time for relaxation and sleep are sacred. At the same time, we are aware comfort is a truly personal choice and what may do the trick for some, is a big no for others. With this in mind, we have created an extensive line of pillows to meet every need and situation. Do you travel a lot? Our neck pillow will do wonders for your naps. Do you prefer body pillows? We have a uniquely designed option which naturally follows your body’s contours. Are back problems kidnapping valuable hours of sleep? We have a solution for that, too.”

Yogibo is more than just a furniture store, with every product carefully developed and manufactured with comfort and relaxation in mind. Because appropriate bedding has been shown to play an important role in achieving good sleep, the company is committed to bringing the benefits of their throw, back and body pillows to as many Canadians as possible.  

About Yogibo

Founded back in 2009, the Yogibo brand was born from a desire to spread relaxation and a next level of comfort across North America. Their story began in Nashua, New Hampshire, where a small team worked together to build an extraordinary new age furniture store. Yogibo has been featured in some of the most well-established media outlets such as Time Magazine or the Huffington Post, further forging their close to perfection products.  

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