GERMANY HAS FALLEN – An honest examination of Germany’s present and future

February 03 14:24 2019

“GERMANY HAS FALLEN” by Arikpo Lawrence Omini
Arikpo Lawrence Omini asks some difficult questions in “GERMANY HAS FALLEN” and shows how Germany’s politicians went down the wrong path.

In the 21st century, Germany is faced with a slew of problems. Many have lost confidence that the current political leaders are capable of solving these problems in a satisfying and future-proof manner. Germany takes a different path than other countries with similar issues. Rich countries like America, Australia, and the majority of European Union and Asia face a world cursed with wars, hunger, inequality, social injustice, racial discrimination and intolerance. But unlike Germany, they set up strict immigration barriers in order to stop migrants from seeking a new and better life. However, migrants are not deterred and still attempt to enter these countries against all warnings. In recent years, Germany has taken in many foreign migrants who fled violence, persecution, hunger and death amid a growing atmosphere of resentment, xenophobia, racism and bigotry.

In “GERMANY HAS FALLEN” by Arikpo Lawrence Omini, the readers learn about the hardships of migrants, about the pros and cons of letting more of them into the country, and about possible solutions to the global migrant crisis. The author asks questions like: What’s the end game to this whole global crisis? Will the world cooperate to resolve global issues besieging the world and tackle the forces that enthrone them? Should we still believe in the hope offered by the Fall of the Berlin Wall, or, should we, in these strange times, believe the Wall has gone right back up? “GERMANY HAS FALLEN” is full of interesting and factual insights into Germany’s current politicial situation and how things might turn out in the not so distant future.

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