The Storytelling Network: Helping Solar Companies become a Powerful Online Presence

February 04 06:39 2019

Virginia Beach, VA – Digital marketing agency The Storytelling Network paves the way working specifically with renewable energy companies to bring them more business. In the process of gaining a stellar reputation within California’s solar industry, founder Aaron Martinez is proud of his company’s achievements, attributing part of its success to his own personal experiences with social media.

“I’ve been an avid user of social media to progress my personal brand and businesses brands over the years,” Martinez explains. “I’ve worked with companies like Nasdaq, Zillow, Coca-Cola, NowThis, Snapchat, CNBC, and many others. This gives me the opportunity to share this knowledge and experience with the companies that I work with.”

When they first started as a marketing agency, The Storytelling Network team willingly took on a variety of industries across the board.  But after working with a number of solar/roofing companies, and seeing the huge part that sustainability will play in the  future, the company now focuses primarily on marketing for solar companies.

“We know how to leverage the ‘ITC’ or ‘solar tax credit’,” explains Martinez. “We put that in front of homeowners, and educate them on the fact that they can save a ton of money on their taxes by switching to solar. This is one of many highly effective ways of getting new business.”

According to Martinez, every business, brand, influencer, and entrepreneur has a story. They just need a platform and a place to tell it, which is exactly what The Storytelling Network provides for their clients.

“A common thing that we see solar companies do is try to SELL, on social media, when it should be used to educate in the front end, create that relationship, and then have them coming to YOU from the value you’ve given. Here are a few simple examples we use to educate in our campaigns.”

• Showing the advantages of a clean, green source of energy to reduce your carbon footprint

• Educating on the amount of money that can be saved in the long run

• Informing about increasing home equity by going green

“Another mistake we see a lot of companies making is either trying to do it themselves and seeing no results, or buying highly unqualified leads leading to tire kickers and window shoppers, and ultimately unpredictability in their business.”

The Storytelling Network helps its clients become a powerful presence online by leveraging platforms like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Facebook, and Instagram. The goal is to ensure that everyone in their area knows they are the authority when it comes to solar, resulting in literally hundreds of qualified leads COMING TO THEM, and ready to install solar.

Some of Martinez’ most notable social media achievements include:

  • Helping to build the Zillow brand through storytelling
  • Hosting the world’s first Snapchat award show in London
  • Building a YouTube channel to 170,000 subscribers teaching people how to leverage social media to make more sales
  • Building the Coca-Cola brand through social media
  • Media collaborations with CNBC

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