Leyla Mesic starts New Year on a big note through releasing her Yoga Pop music “Legion of Light“

February 04 07:26 2019
She’s taking the wellness world by storm!

February 4th, 2019 – Music has an immediate influence on our mood and emotions and is a powerful healing tool. Our inner ear is not only connected to all the organs of the body but music can also access the limbic system in the brain, where emotions are stored. We all have experienced this in one way or another; a fast song to motivate us during a workout, a slow and passionate track for romance or a song that reminds us of past experience and evokes an emotion.

With her mission to enhance healing benefits in a pop song, Swiss-born singer-songwriter Leyla created the song and music video ‘Legion Of Light in collaboration with Aimee Proal (who has written songs for Kelly Clarkson and the late Joe Cocker and LVS producer Orion Starchild (Top UK 20 artist) and Scott Jacoby (Cold Play, John Legend, Janelle Monaé). With her background in Reiki, Kundalini Yoga, Sound Healing and Musical Theatre, Leyla always wanted to find a way to combine Sound Healing with pop music writing.

The music is available on Itunes, Apple music, Spotify, Google Play & Amazon, at https://leyla.lnk.to/legionoflightTW

She calls her new innovation and inspirational genre ‘Yoga Pop’ or ‘Restorative Pop’. The heart and soul of this transformational music are love, compassion, unity, and equality. Leyla strives to remind people of their power, which resides within each person and to claim that power and individual gifts, to express and share them with the world. She believes that the world is in need of healing, love & kindness and that we are all in this together.

“I feel that lyrics are like mantras and affirmations and I would love to put out messages of hope! I believe in recognizing the pain and honoring it, but ultimately overcoming it and moving from victim to victory.”

Leyla has been working on her next single and music video “Onyx” which is going to be an upbeat/dance song, that speaks about the strength of the heart and the ability to stay strong and to keep going despite obstacles.

She has also been developing a workshop called ‘Find Your Voice,’ in collaboration with Hannah Ezzell. The workshop incorporates sound healing, original Yoga Pop music, meditation, and storytelling. The first workshop is planned for the beginning of May 2019.

About Leyla Mesic:

Leyla Mesic is a wellness enthusiast & spiritual seeker, and world traveler. She studied Performing Arts and Healing Arts including Sound Healing, Reiki Energy Healing and is a certified Kundalini Yoga teacher.

She believes that life is a precious gift, so we need to live it to the fullest and spend it with the things we love most. Claiming your truth and sharing your personal gifts, will make you not only happier and healthier but also help the planet.

To find out more about Leyla Mesic, updates, projects, and upcoming Onyx single, visit her website: https://www.lightofleyla.com

Tap into the truth and reclaim your spiritual power today. Join the movement!

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