Grand Launch of Global Sustainable Development Industry Council Journalist

May 27 23:22 2019
Hui Yin Correspondent / Liping Ling

Global Council For Sustainable Industry Development (GCSID) was launched on May 26, 2019. Global Council for Sustainable Industry Development (GCSID) held in Hongkong in the headquarters conference room. Political, business and media guests were there. Guests attending the event were: Chairman and General Secretary – Yi Ying Nicole; Global Chief Representative – He Dongbo; President of Global Business School – Jiedan; Chairman’s Think Tank – Wu Jiuqiang; Global General Secretary – Yin Zhongqiao; General Secretary of China – Yangmei; China Regional Consultant – Zhang Xin; Vice-General Secretary of China – Lu Daxing, Cao Shuling, Li Ruifeng, Yang Hongyan, Yang Jing; China Regional Business Representatives – Zhao Chunping and Chen Zhenwei. CCTV’s “Patriotic Travel” column represented CCTV at that event.

Ms. Yiying Nicole Yi, Chairperson of the Global Council for Sustainable Industry Development (GCSID), made a brilliant speech. She pointed out that she sincerely thanks Cary Yan, Chairman of Nations World Organization of Governance and Competitiveness (WOGC), and Alex Han, General Secretary, for their strong support for the Industrial Committee, and is grateful for the Chinese Embassy in Zambia for its certification of the authenticity and legitimacy of the Committee’s certificate.


The Chinese nation has existed for five thousand years and created a glorious Chinese culture with a long history and made great contribution to human civilization. The Chinese people’s will of self-improvement, striving for strength, going forward and following up and seeking for success has been deeply integrated into the spirit of the Chinese nation, and has become a source of strength to develop the life of Chinese civilization.


Since the reform, China’s economy has been growing up rapidly, its comprehensive national strength has been continuously increasing, people’s living standards have been improving day by day, and its economy and society have shown bright prospects for successful development. I feel very proud that I am Chinese.

We have responded positively to President Xi’s “The Belt and Road Initiative” call, relying on the existing multilateral connections between the motherland and the countries concerned, with the help of the effective regional cooperation platform, borrowing the historical symbols of the ancient Silk Road, following the principle of peaceful development, actively developing economic cooperation and partnership with other countries, and discussing cooperation under the framework of equal cultural identity. We will build a community of interests, destiny and responsibility with political mutual trust, economic integration and cultural inclusion, embodying the spirit of peace, communication, understanding, tolerance, cooperation and win-win strategy.

The “The Belt and Road Initiative” is not only a strategic vision to realize the revitalization of the Chinese nation, but also a common cause of all countries along the line. It helps to transform the advantages of political mutual trust, geopolitical proximity and economic complementarity into practical cooperation and sustained growth. We are willing to work together with people from the whole planet to create a harmonious world of peace, tranquility, prosperity, openness and beauty, and jointly promote the 17 sustainable development goals of the United Nations in the economic, cultural and social dimensions.

Under the new normal economy, we promote green development with sustainable development as the core of project. Under the framework of green economy, we should promote the development of various fields, including circular economy, low-carbon economy, ecological economy and shared economy, help China’s surplus industries to go out, bring in global high-quality resources and industries, drive domestic and foreign investment, export and consumption, and help the motherland’s economy develop continuously and steadily.

The process of economic development cannot be separated from culture. Promoting Chinese excellent traditional culture, innovating contemporary culture and striving to maintain cultural diversity are the source of vitality of economic society. Chinese traditional culture has not only created a brilliant history, but also prospers today, providing rich value support and spiritual basis for China’s modernization. It contains the people’s harmony in social life, love and morality, kindness and good neighborliness, and harmonious coexistence with the global people on the premise of ethics and culture.


Continuing to expand opening to the outside world, promote exchanges and cooperation between Chinese culture and different cultures and civilizations, enhance mutual learning and understanding among nations, and safeguard world peace and harmony. Building a harmonious society, creating a good social and humanistic environment, social integrity, friendliness, vitality, stability and orderliness, helping each other, honesty and trustworthiness, equality, friendship and harmonious coexistence among the people of the world, promoting the sustainable development of economic, social, cultural and public welfare undertakings, taking practical actions as the prosperity of the motherland, making great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation and making great contributions to the Chinese dream Contribution.

The international community has increasingly become a “community of common destiny” for me and you. In the face of the complex situation of the world economy and global problems, no one country can stay alone. Today’s world is facing unprecedented changes. The trend of political multipolarization, economic globalization, cultural diversity and social informatization is irreversible. The links among countries are deepening day by day, but there are also many challenges. We are actively promoting the construction of an open world economy and a community of common destiny, the transformation of the global governance system, and the peace and development of the world, contributing to China’s wisdom, China’s program and China’s strength. We will work with our motherland and the people of the world to build a community of common destiny.

Finally, I wish our motherland, a beautiful place with splendid mountains and magnificent rivers, colorful flags flying on the wind, the whole country to be prosperous and people to live in peace, writing a new chapter to open up the future. At the same time, I wish you all to stay healthy, make your dreams come true, wish you all the best!!

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