Australian listed company EZZ joined forces with Priceline to release a series of stem cell hair growth products

October 05 18:51 2022

Recently, Priceline, Australia’s national pharmacy group and EZZ, a life science company listed on ASX, released EZZ’s stem cell hair growth series, which applies the cell technology to the field of hair growth and hair loss prevention for the first time, to help more people with hair loss around the world.

As one of the largest pharmacy chain brand in Australia, Priceline is an integral part of Australia’s culture. According to the reporter, EZZ is a public listed enterprise in life science centered on DNA research, backed up by many world-class genetic research institutions such as the New Zealand Genetic Research Centre, Auckland University of Technology Genetic Research Centre. EZZ is committed to utilize genetic technology into its products order to benefit the consumers.

It is reported that the first EZZ stem cell hair growth series contains Stem Cell Hair Growth and Loss Prevention Essence, utilizing stem cell scalp scrub, organic nutrition smoothing spray, multi-nutrient organic hair mask and essential oils; from scalp cleansing to hair conditioning, EZZ’s exclusive stem cell hair growth technology is increasing popularity.

EZZ team discovered that the eucalyptus stem cells cultivated through cell technology, can help hair growth, restore the body’s stem cell regeneration capacity, rejuvenate hair follicles that already shrunken, allowing them to regrow healthy new hair, smooth frizzy damaged hair, strengthen and stabilize hair strands. Based on this research, EZZ researchers used genetic technology with microcapsule penetration technology to nourish hair instead of medication.

The core product, EZZ Stem Cell Hair Growth and Loss Prevention Essence, uses Eucalyptus stem cells cultivated through cell technology, boosting hair growth and restoring regenerative capacity, revitalizing hair follicle from the root.

The main product of the series is the Stem Cell Hair Growth followed by Stem Cell Scalp Scrub, Organic Nutrition Smoothing Spray, Multi-nutrient Organic Hair Mask, all developed for specific benefits and formulations such as: the Stem Cell Scalp Scrub with an exclusive cleansing formula of sea salt + sugar, with ultra-fine particles that foam up when touched by water, cleansing the head microenvironment and repairing the scalp barrier; the Organic Nutrition Smoothing Spray uses 4-fold amino acid and bioactive technology to strengthen the hair strands and form a protective film on the surface of hair to protect it from external environmental damage such as UV rays; the Multi-nutrient Organic Hair Mask contains EZZ’s steam-free technology to make hair soft and smooth and reduce hair loss.

In addition, the product also combines an exclusive formulation for hair growth. The formula includes caffeine, sea salt, bionic peptides and organic nutrients needed to promote the repair of damaged hair, unblock hair follicles and maintain normal oil secretion, to help reducing inflammation in the scalp.

The reporter learned from Priceline offline stores in Sydney that EZZ stem cell hair growth series has been on the top of the hot list of the pharmacy hair growth and loss prevention products since the brand’s pharmacy pre-trial shelves. As one of the first users, beauty blogger Marta said, “Before I used EZZ Stem Cell Hair Growth and Loss Prevention Essence, my hair was only 15 cm, shoulder length, and my hairline was relatively high. Now I have a lot of small broken hair growing in the hairline area, which is a great surprise.”

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