How prestigious is CES 2018? This Chinese brand is presenting itself on the stage

January 10 17:44 2018

The International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) has opened in Las Vegas on 9th January. This annual tech confab is not only a stage for tycoons to present their innovative latest products, but also a perfect opportunity for investors to inspect and the public to learn more about awesome technologies. It has to be experienced in person to understand how great it is.

Futuristic technologies bring the future in front of our eyes

AI and VR are still hot issues on CES this year. Benefited from the development of AI technologies, industries of self-driving, IoT, AI Robot and smart home have been progressing hugely in the last two years and the momentum is increasing.

In terms of self driving technologies, Ford, Mercedes-Benz, NIVIDIA and Intel have all shown their latest tech on auto-driving and In-vehicle Infotainment system. The self-driving software platform from Baidu, Apollo, has released its latest version as well. LG brought the world’s biggest (88-inch) and highest-resolution (8k) OLED display to impress the world. SONY released a new version of Playstation VR Headsed for players who have waited for long.

Self-driving cars, AI robots, VR headsets and foldable phones are changing the most basic human’s life evolutionally. These futuristic technologies bring us astonishment and take us to a brand new era of IoT.

Forces of domestic product leading the whole healthcare industry

According to official documents from CES, there are 4500 companies involved in this gathering this year. Amongst them, 1551 of them are from China (excluding Chinese companiesattending CES under names of American companies), taking 33% of the total number. Chinese companies are introducing the idea of “Made in China” to a world leading level by occupying 1/3 of the stage of CES.

Besides, “Made in China” is upgrading. For instance, PICOOC”, who opened its market by starting with Smart Body Fat Scale, has attended CES two years in a row as a health monitoring hardware company. Does it measure the “quality” of CES?

Of course, I was just kidding. But the Smart Body Fat Scale from PICOOC does measure a lot of things.

The social awareness of keeping fit is being introduced to public and people care about their Body Fat Percentage (BFP). BFP of a human is the total mass of fat divided by total body mass. It is not only about the shape, but also health. In the old days, BFP calculators in gym or fitness studios were the only way for people to know about their BFP, and it was very inconvenient.

That was why PICOOC introduced this Smart Body Fat Scale to calculate the percentage of body fat, body muscle, body water, bone and over 20 body measurements. Most importantly, it is capable of continuously monitoring the change of user’s body measurements through its app and delivering scientificexercises and diet suggestions after a thoroughevaluation. PICOOC received $4m USD in Series A funding from Gobi Investment in December of 2013 and $21m USD in Series B funding from Tencent and JD in June of 2014. Now PICOOC has more than 5m users and all their Smart Body Fat Scale that are shown on CES are available on T-mall and JD for domestic consumers.


T-mall’s document in June 2017 claimed that the sales growth of smart body fat scale was 430%.

Meanwhile, PICOOC is the best seller on ranking.

*Data from the Alibaba

Even in markets overseas, PICOOC is having a good performance. It took the crown of best seller in Korean market after entering the market for 6 months. Countries like Russia, Germany, Australia, America, France and Canada are welcoming and embracing this power of Made in China in their markets too.

According to PICOOC, selling hardware is not their ultimate goal. PICOOC is focusing on their service in the future. They will keep gathering information of body models to improve their algorithm to provide judgments and suggestions with accuracy. On the other hand, they are releasing services of healthcare and fitness control to develop their industrial chain.

The growth of this single product and the whole industry has shown that people’s interest in healthcare is increasing and the healthcare industry is a trend in the future.

Scales becoming AI, the future is full of excitement

According to sources, PICOOC is developing their new products. But it is yet to be disclosed whether the new product is still healthcare hardware, or wearable devices. However, it is believed that PICOOC are capable enough to bring us something great after having support from their own data and technologies after four years of studying.

Facing this era of AI, let’s make a bold assumption – how would our lives be like, if your body fat scale at home turns into a “healthcare robot”? Will we be chased in the house by the scale with legs and asked to weight ourselves immediately? Does it perform freestyle rapping after weighting and diss us for being chubby?

Well, no one dares to live with an ugly shape then I guess?

Look back at the history of CES, there were not only futuristic technologies. Tech products that can be applied to day-to-day life have been surprising too. Like the Self-adjusting Feet-warming ‘360’ Smart Bed from Sleep Number last year, the 3DMagicPanwas from Tsinghua graduates, Hair Coach hairbrush from L’Oreal, the automatic cat feeder from CatSpad… They brought warmth to our lives. And the warmth this year, is yet to be discovered.

CES is a place full of surprises, and these surprises are coming into our daily lives and turning the imaginary life into reality. The future, is to be expected.

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