Famed Fantasy Sports Platform Only Site to Accept Multiple Crypto Currencies

February 02 11:54 2018
Famed fantasy sports website, Fan Lucci, is the only site on the Internet to accept multiple crypto currencies.

Toronto, ON – The popular sports site, owned by Toronto sports enthusiast, Victor Ientilucci, has been in operation since 2009.  Through the site, participants transfer their crypto currency into Lucci coins in order to play fantasy sports contests and games.  Participants can fund their Fan Lucci account by using MasterCard, Visa or Paypal.  They can also choose to buy or transfer crypto currencies.  Converting currency into Lucci coins is similar to exchanging currency for chips at casinos.  Once players wish to withdraw their Lucci, they can then convert them into other currencies, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, DFSCoin, also known as Fantasy Gold, Ripple and many more to be paid out.

Fan Lucci currency supports Bitcoin, Ethereum, DFSCoin, also known as Fantasy Gold, Ripple and is adding more each and every day.  By doing so, Fan Lucci is the first and only fantasy sports platform to accept multiple crypto currencies.  With the current rise of crypto currencies, Fan Lucci has positioned themselves well for any fantasy sports enthusiast, whether novice or expert.  “We are very excited about this,” Ientilucci says.  “With the ability to turn crypto currencies into Lucci coins, players from around the world can participate on a truly level playing field.  This is something no other fantasy sports site is doing and we are thrilled to be the very first pioneers.”

Players on Fan Lucci can participate in a wide variety of different game types, including Player Draft, Live Draft, Player Unit, Pick ‘Em, Best 5, and Score Predictor, just to name a few.  “We like to ensure all of our customers can play their favourite games, and in any sport, too,” Ientilucci states.  “Variety is key to ensure our players are happy.  This applies to currency conversion methods, too.”

Fan Lucci supports various sports, such as Football (NFL, College NCAA), Basketball (NBA, College NCCA, Euro League), NHL, MLB, E-Sports, F1, Soccer, Horse Racing, Stocks and many more.  “One thing we’ve noticed about our clients is that they love to enter contests for many different sports, not just one.  It really helps to build a great community on the platform and we are very excited about where we are taking the site.”

For more information about the site, please visit https://FanLucci.com/.

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