Ryan Munsey set to release his book, ‘F*ck your feelings’, on February 19

February 06 13:57 2018
High-performance consultant, Ryan Munsey is set to release his book, F*ck your Feelings on February 19, 2018. The book, which is about overcoming self-doubt, will be available for purchase on Amazon.

F*ck your Feelings details how to overcome primitive biology; the tendency to react to situations the way we have been programmed. Instead, we should master our minds to become better human beings that can accomplish anything.  The book teaches how to apply the fundamentals of emotional control so that one can uplift himself on command, fight through periods of stress and torment, and give oneself long-term satisfaction and peace.

F*ck Your Feelings is the perfect balance of storytelling, science and real-world experience of high performers. Master your mind, end self-doubt, and become the significant, powerful human you know you’re capable of being”, says the author, Ryan Munsey.

F*ck Your Feelings combines the collective knowledge of the world’s best scientists and highest performers, woven into a user’s manual for the space between the ears and an easy-to-implement blueprint for becoming the ultimate version of you.

The book also deals with:

  1. The neurobiology of why some people succeed and others don’t
  2.  Why neuroscientists say 95% of our decisions are made based on our feelings and how people can use this to improve discipline, consistency and decision-making
  3. The difference between feelings and emotions, how our body states give rise to mental experiences that we call emotions, and how these emotions drive feelings

The book is currently generating positive reviews online, including the following:

  1. “An infinitely powerful outline for optimization and self-mastery. I will be gifting this book to everyone in my field [mental health].” – Gabriel Villarreal
  2. “Thank you! This book changed my life.”  Tammy Pecoul
  3. “There are not many books that I want to read more than once, but this book will be one that I use as a resource frequently.” – Joseph Mosher

Details about book and sales copy are on this page: https://www.amazon.com/dp/1983468878

About Ryan Munsey

The author of F*ck Your Feelings and co-founder of The Better Human Project, Ryan Munsey is a writer, podcaster, speaker, and high-performance consultant. He has worked with professional and Olympic athletes, Navy SEALs, and entrepreneurs – helping them optimize their minds and bodies, win medals, further careers, and build multiple 6-figure businesses. His work has been featured in Fortune Magazine, Men’s Health, Men’s Fitness.

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