Health & Beauty Experts Release Guide on Drinking Alkaline Water

January 11 12:39 2019

Reno, NV – The safety of tap water in the United States has been heavily debated throughout the country, especially in the past couple of years. Concerns with the presence of unhealthy amounts of lead, copper, chlorination byproducts, and other toxic chemicals in H20 sources, and the overall improper H20 treatment also have been called into question by scientists and medical professionals.

Researchers who have studied tap water strongly encourage the use of an alkaline water ionizer in the home to avoid the harmful effects that drinking tap water can cause. Other media outlets are also commenting on the issue. Beauty Health Tips, an online beauty and advice blog recently released a helpful guide on the benefits of drinking alkaline water.

Beauty Health Tips is a website dedicated to providing its readers with useful beauty advice. They provide aesthetical advice, like how to pull off certain hairstyles and wardrobes. They also focus on combining aspects of health and beauty with articles that cover how to obtain healthy, reinvigorating, and attractive skin.

Their recent release of the benefits of drinking alkaline has been a positive contribution to those who are looking to enhance the overall state of their health by switching to this alternative H20 source. Alkaline water has been known to taste better, increase hydration, aid with the process of weight loss, and increase the body’s internal wellbeing, according to the site.

Consumers of alkaline water have experienced a variety of health benefits. They have reported fewer occurrences of indigestion, acid reflux, and heartburn. An overall increase in the state of their immune systems, indicated by cleaner gastrointestinal tracts and less indigestion, was another common trend amongst these users. A few studies have revealed that alkaline water can even help chemotherapy drugs in treating certain types of cancer.

In the Beauty Health Tips guide, found at, the blog reinforces support for alkaline water ionizers that can be used easily in the home. Ionizers create alkalinized H20, replacing the need to purchase alkaline bottles from retail stores at their full price.

Through the process of electrolysis, the machine separates the acidic and alkaline components of the water that it treats. This results in an increase in the pH of the drinking water. The portion of the water containing the alkaline components is the highly desirable alkaline. Both Beauty Health Tips and medical professionals strongly encourage alkaline ionizer devices, as they are a convenient and environmentally conscious option for better health and wellness.

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