Diforti Brings Authentic and Unique Italian Options to British Kitchens through Online Sales and Delivery Services

January 11 12:45 2019

St Albans, UK – When it comes to the wide variety of cuisines in the world, one of the most beloved styles of food for food lovers is Italian cuisine. However, for those living outside of Italy, it can be difficult to find quality and authentic Italian products to prepare and enjoy.  For those in the UK that crave authentic Italian products in their own homes, Diforti can provide customers with unique solutions for Italian home dining through their online shops and delivery services.

Diforti, located at https://goo.gl/maps/UiiuMqRV1Co, has now set itself up in the UK as a premiere retailer of Italian foods and products. They take pride in being a resource for those that want to buy Italian food online. Diforti has made efforts to make the experience of online grocery shopping straightforward, simple, and fun. Visitors to their website can quickly browse through their lists of different products that they offer, add to their cart for checkout, and order in bulk.

The company is excited to showcase their premium delivery services as well. Once ordered, Diforti products are carefully shipped out and special items are stored in chilled and insulated containers. Diforti also offers delivery schedule charts on their site so consumers can stay up to date on when they can expect their purchases. Transparency, communication, and trust with all customers are all qualities that Diforti are continuing to maintain.

Diforti brings an extensive range of products to their online store, when it comes to their options for food, the company sells cured meats, olives, breadsticks, rice, pasta, antipasti, seafood, vinegars, honey, pastries, olive oils, nuts, cheeses, coffee and more. In addition, the company offers sparkling waters, wines, and spirits. They have also released options for specially crafted gift boxes/baskets for sale that can be shipped directly to someone else’s door.

Diforti has recently marked its commitment to providing quality customer service and a dependable display of its services through an active social media presence. For those that want to explore their platforms, they can visit their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/Difortis/ as well as their Instagram page at https://www.instagram.com/difortis/. As a company deeply steeped in local Italian tradition and cultural pride, Diforti has declared a passion for bringing Italian food online shopping to as many people as they can across the country.

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