HP Raw Launches High Quality Raw Pet Food Line

January 11 13:24 2019
Canadian based raw pet food start up HP Raw launches high quality pet food line packing a big nutritional punch!

WASHAGO, ONT, CANADA – Canadian based raw pet food start up HP Raw launches high quality pet food line packing a big nutritional punch!  Their products are designed specifically and targeted to improve the overall health of your pets.

Pet owners are increasingly becoming aware that raw meat products are far superior to conventional dry kibble pet foods. Customers are beginning to be more conscious about the nutritional value of what their family members are consuming.

We asked Rob Katona, one of the co-founders of HP Raw Limited a few questions about the advantages of switching dogs and cats to a raw food diet.

So, can you tell us some benefits that customers will experience when their dog or cat switches to HP Raw?

HP: Absolutely! But first I believe it’s important for our customers to understand the dog’s physiological make up first. Dogs are omnivores with small gastrointestinal tracts. Most carnivores have small GI (Gastrointestinal) Tracks and dogs have adapted over time consume fruits and veggies as well. Their natural instinct is to kill prey and eat as much of the animal as they can, and sometimes burry the rest for another time. Their physiological make up is designed this way.

Before the industrial revolution this is how most pets were fed, alongside with table scraps. When the industrial revolution came about, companies created nutrient void, cheaper dried foods that mainly contained wheat and soy. These new pet foods became an instant hit with dog and cat owners due to the convenience they offered and voila kibble and other products were born.

Most of the Kibbles are highly processed and full of unnatural fillers. At HP Raw we don’t add fillers, preservatives, and the only processing we do is the actual grinding and mixing of the meat.

Now that we got that out of the way, back to the original question!

Some of the Benefits you will find when you switch your pets to a raw food diet are:

– Healthier and softer coat. You’ll be amazed at the difference it makes on their skin, and it’s also helps with pets with skin allergies.

– Fresher breath and cleaner teeth. Yes I said fresher breath! It will not smell like something is dying in their mouth, and their teeth will be much cleaner.

– Improved energy levels. The difference is night and day, just like you’d be sluggish eating junk food all the time, same goes for them. Switch them over to raw and boom! Now you have an energizer bunny!

– Better Digestion. You’ll notice they go less often and it doesn’t smell terrible as well.

So now we know what raw diets can do for your pets, how do you introduce it into their diet?

HP: That’s a great question and I have a good answer! There are typically two methods of switching, first is the fasting method and switch to raw like a cold turkey method, and second is to slowly introduce it and mix it in with kibble. The first method is fairly straight forward, you fast your pet for 24 hours, so they have a completely empty stomach and introduce the raw food to them. The second way is a slow process of replacing a small amount of kibble with raw gradually. For example, you feed your pet a cup of kibble a day, start with removing an 1/8th or 1/4 cup of kibble and replace it with raw so your ratio is ¾ kibble and ¼ raw. Do this over a course of a week while gradually increasing the raw in the food until you are completely on HP Raw. Now how hard was that? Just like a walk in the park right?

About HP Raw

HP Raw is a brand new start-up with a clear vision to improve the health and lives of our pets through high quality raw foods. We only use human-grade quality meats that pass a strict government regulated inspection process. We minimally process our foods to retain as much nutrients as possible. Above all, we are here to help in any way we can. We don’t want our pets to just survive, we want them to be healthy with full of life and vitality!

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