Goldbone Zero Pressure Memory Pillow with 15 Seconds Slow Rebound Made a Craze in the United States

June 10 20:42 2020

It is late at night and you are still unable to fall asleep. Nowadays, “waking up naturally” has been a “luxury” to modern people. Tiredness, anxiety and pain have seriously damaged our physical and mental health, and improving sleep quality has thus become a hot topic at present. 

To this end, the three major sleep medical institutions in the United States have conducted market research for many years, so as to find out what are the main factors that affect sleep quality. 

The U.S. sleep expert group directly put forward, “Poor sleep quality is a main cause of sub-health symptoms in human body. We strongly advocate that people should pay more attention to their sleep quality.” According to various official data research statistics from the School of Medicine of the University of Pennsylvania, the Sleep Program of the University of Miami, and the Sleep Medicine Research Center of the University of Wisconsin, sustained lack of sleep or simple complementary measures cannot fundamentally change the quality of sleep, and pillows, as an important tool for sleep, are closely related to sleep. 

GOLDBONE, originated from the George Brown laboratory in Philadelphia, USA, can be traced back to 1951. It has long been committed to the R&D and marketing of bone health products, traction method combined with drugs to treat cervical spondylosis. The green cross-eyed kid logo together with the NASA memory foam make GOLDBONE memory foam pillows a craze in Pennsylvania and popular throughout the United States. 

Today, based on ergonomic principles, GOLDBONE continuously adjusts the pillow curve and height, the hardness and rebound time of memory foam, and adds far-infrared fibers and antibacterial fibers to the pillowcase. This “zero-pressure memory pillow” is known as the most successful product of GOLDBONE in the 21st century. Slow rebound in 15 seconds forms the ultimate zero-pressure memory pillow. Correction of cervical curvature restores normal physiological curve of cervical spine. High density above 100D, which is soft, comfortable and breathable, release cervical spine pressure, effectively relieve cervical spine acid, swelling, pain, which can be called the important effect of the three major products of GOLDBONE products. 

As the leading brand of GOLDBONES.LTD innovation high-end memory foam pillow products, GOLDBONE is passionate about the marketing in Pennsylvania. Taking root in this state and radiating sales across the US market, it has expanded to dozens of countries and regions in the world. GOLDBONE has now become a well-known brand for the sale of memory foam pillows and mattress products in the United States, and its market share of memory pillow products in Pennsylvania is among the best. In addition, the brand influence of memory pillows has also been the first for consecutive years. 

At present, GOLDBONE has more than 30 large storage centers in the world, and has opened more than 3,000 brand stores in Pennsylvania, Canada, Europe and other places in the world to sell GOLDBONE memory pillows, mattresses and other bedding products. Since 2010, the company’s product sales have been growing for more than 20% for 10 consecutive years. According to incomplete statistics, in Pennsylvania, an average of 1 in 1,000 people has used or is using GOLDBONE memory pillow products. Moreover, through the market questionnaire survey made by the School of Medicine, the University of Pennsylvania, the market trend of memory pillow products in the United States continues to grow. It can be said that GOLDBONE products are more popular and sought after by consumers in the United States. 

In the first half of 2019, GOLDBONES.LTD launched the GOLDBONES brand offline channel upgrade alliance strategy conference in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

It aims to promote the offline physical experience and sales upgrade of the GOLDBONES brand, and explore more potential consumers of memory pillow products through more offline physical channels. 

It is expected that by the end of 2020, GOLDBONES.LTD will implement the GOLDBONE brand direct store alliance strategy in New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, West Virginia and Ohio. On the basis of ensuring the number of existing stores, the company will implement the dual strategy of opening new stores and upgrading franchise stores, striving to double the sales volume of GOLDBONE memory pillow products and achieve rapid development in the global market of memory pillows.

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