Dario Cucci Transforming And Making An Impact In The Industry With “The Sales Mindshifter” Challenge

June 10 21:39 2020
Your sales are a DIRECT result of your mindset when you serve your customers!
Dario Cucci Transforming And Making An Impact In The Industry With

This is what Dario Cucci has been delivering outstanding results with for over 20 years!  Dario is an international Speaker, Bestselling Author and Sales Mindshifter Coach & Mentor to Professionals on a global scale. He has discovered that many Professionals, Experts & Coaches struggle to get repeat business, due to their Mindset, Communication Skills & Business Strategies in place, to support their growth.

He has worked for several Companies in Australia for 10 years, making them consistently per year more than 1 Million additional sales revenue, as a result of the Mindset, Communication Skills & Sales Strategies that he applied. He developed strategies to attain high closing rates not only getting new customers selling intangible products, but also by getting high quality repeat sales and referrals. Later on during his career he also provided training & coaching for the Companies he worked for, and taught their Acquisition & Sales Teams, how to more effectively win new Customers & at the same time, increase repeat sales when calling existing Customers, selling their Educational Events & Coaching Programs. 

In order to expand his personal growth and business, Dario also became a Certified and Trained NLP Master Practitioner, and trained in Time Line Therapy and Theta Healing.  He wanted to learn how to train the brain on a Sub-conscious level to help let go of limitations that can hold business growth back. Understanding this can help you learn how to get the results you desire faster and increase your sales by at least 300%!

As a result of all his experience, he created a wraparound service to support businesses and elevate their sales and revenue called On-Call-Business GmbH (Ltd). The purpose is to help Professional Service Providers and their Teams, to improve their sub-conscious mindset beliefs when it comes to selling their services, help them with ongoing training & coaching, to improve their communication skills, sales strategies and systems.  They offer programs in communication, mindset, sales and leadership management strategies to help businesses win more customers and serve them better. He also wants to help them create long term sustainability and prevent losing clients to their competition.

Dario’s “business personality” is all about following the philosophies you have within your business and with whom you do business with. Therefore, you are being very intentional within your life and business which are all connected to the following Philosophies that he uses with his clients: 

  1. Love – Love yourself and who you become unconditionally without restrictions, to serve your customers better. 
  2. Confidence – Be confident, inside and out as a result of your new Beliefs when it comes to selling, improved communication skills & sales strategies. 
  3. Life – Design and grow a business with a passion and desire to start living the Life you want.  

Dario’s services are designed to show you how you can optimize your Communication Flow strategy to increase your Sales and minimize your admin work, to convert faster prospects into paying Clients.

Are you ready to shift your mindset and attract more customers?

Get in touch with Dario Cucci today, to book in your 30 Minute Sales Mindshifter Discovery Session with him. 

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