WikiPro: The Ultimate Business-To-Customer Communication Platform For Professionals

June 10 21:54 2020
Works like Whatsapp & Skype for professionals-customer communication. It reduces time spent on unproductive office visits & helps you grow business. Business texting allows owner to request online review and payment quickly.

City of Industry, CA – June 10, 2020 – One of the most important business communication tools of 2020 has been launched. ‘WikiPro’ has changed the way business owners and key people talk to each other. As well as improving communication and helping with customer retention, it also allows the reduction of time spent communicating and chasing customers.

A study in 2018 found that people in the workplace wasted 21.8 hours per week. A large portion of that time was spent on communicating with customers and clients and failing to get a response through the unanswered phone calls or emails. ‘WikiPro’ changes that and allows key people to improve the time lost in their working day.

The way most professionals communicate in the modern world is outdated. Using emails to communicate with customers and hoping it has not gone into the junk folder and chasing customers over the phone with an unanswered response waste time.

Using Whatsapp and Skype to communicate with professionals like accountants, lawyers, doctors, and real estate agents still don’t have a reliable platform to interact with customers.

‘WikiPro’ ( takes this problem head-on by providing a secure and reliable platform for businesses to communicate with their customers. It consists of a web app (meant only for professionals) and a mobile app (can be used by professionals and customers both, available for iOS and Android platforms).

WikiPro has basic CRM (customer relationship management) features like pre-defined templates for messaging, which help professionals build relationships with customers. It comes with other valuable features too, like business texting, requesting and managing online Google/Facebook reviews for business, secure file sharing and e-signatures with the professionals.

Moreover, it can be optimized for teams, which means it’s scalable and flexible too. Let’s take the case of a CPA (certified public accountant) firm, which has separate teams for payroll, tax, book-keeping, etc.

WikiPro has a ‘group chat room’ feature that allows you to organize your team around a task. When added to the chat room, all functional team members and customers can see the team chat, which is similar to Slack’s channel. You can add/ remove a team member from a group chat, depending upon the requirement.

Imagine what will happen if not for WikiPro? Your team members will be in touch with customers through their mobile phones, maybe even through Whatsapp. Once they leave your company, they may take the customers with them.

WikiPro takes customer engagement away from personal mobile phones and gives the control in your hands because as a professional, it’s you who manage the group chat room and other communication with your customers.

Another interesting feature is that WikiPro can text-enable an existing business landline number, thereby allowing customers to either call or text the same number. As 80% of customers respond with text within 30 minutes, research has already shown that texting is the preferred communication method. It is important for small business to be found online and get paid fast. WikiPro has the powerful texting module to ask for a Google or Facebook review, or payment.

Besides, a lot of professionals are known by their landline number for years. It makes great sense to text enable those numbers so that customers can easily send text messages to them without the hassle of making a call.

WikiPro offers tons of other features too. For example, its instant messaging platform has built-in support for scheduled messages, message recall, message receipt, and full-text search message history.

It comes with three plans: Basic ($35 per month), Standard ($70 per month), and Professional ($140 per month). Visit the website ( for more details. Check this link for how it works.

Depending upon your budget, WikiPro has features for you. Given its success since its launch, it seems that it’s all set to change the ball-game for business to customer communication.

About Us:

WikiPro’s CEO, Michael Chen, is a CPA himself, and he felt an immense need for a tool that helps professionals communicate with their customers efficiently. Three years ago, he asked CTO, Sam Xia, to build a solution for his offices, and that was how WikiPro was born.

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