Meet Masih Zad: The Fashion Designer Who Is Taking The Celebrity Apparel Industry To The Next Level

June 10 22:15 2020

Masih Zad’s is the founder of a fashion design firm that is specially focused on beauty, arts and designs. The company creates beautiful products that embody art such as suits and custom made jewellery for the world’s luxury market. Products from the company are tailored to suit the best in the world. 

Masih’s firm was established in 2003 in Los Angeles, California. He started from lesser known works and worked his way up to working with industry-topping celebrities like Keanu Reeves, Jack Black, Jack Nicholson, and many more.

Saying Masih has been extremely lucky would understate the actual value of his fortunes. On different occasions, there have been cooperative efforts between Masih Zad and iconic designers like Bijan and Dolce & Gabbana amongst others.

Masih created his company from the idea that “simplicity is beauty”. He lives by these words and this can be seen in the line of high end products that he is internationally known for. 

Creating A Masterpiece

When Masih set out on his journey to success, he didn’t have any specific plans to solve any problems. All he wanted to do was express his artistry. With time gone since the very first years, he has been able to help make the world a more stylish place, catering for a line of clothes that cater inclusively to the world. A grand luxury line that caters to the crème de la crème of the society, worldwide. 

Of course Masih experienced problems on his way to the top. A lot of challenges stemmed from his early days as a young designer who was just gaining experience and finding his footing in the fashion world. After overcoming the hindrances that arose from being fresh in the game, he realised that the high end fashion industry was a dog eat dog world and that he had to do everything possible to succeed.

This realization was followed closely by financial impairment. All of these issues and more were overcome by sheer determination, dedication, and perseverance, and today, the Masih Zad line stands tall and proud.

Masih advised that in starting out, the first thing to do is eliminate the fear of failure. Secondly, he stated that working hard is vital, and alongside working hard, maintaining the lowest margin of error while working is key. Also, Masih mentioned that creativity is very vital in whatever is being done and no matter what goes on, quitting should not be an option. 

Thoughts on Entrepreneurship?

In light of this topic, Masih shares that entrepreneurship is a wonderful experience and it is indeed a roller coaster ride with feelings of thrills, chills, spills, and a huge amount of excitement when gone through rightly. Entrepreneurs risk it all as most economic ventures yield either success or failure and in order to be a successful entrepreneur, one has to be able to ride out the failure and relish the success.  To blossom, existent ideas should be built on and improved and should also give way to new ideas. 

Masih can be contacted via any of the following channels:

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