WIMI Hologram Cloud’s AR Entertainment Technology Has Great Prospects In The 5G Era

June 10 22:21 2020

WIMI’s holographic AR entertainment products primarily consist of payment middleware software, game distribution platform and holographic MR software.

Payment middleware is a software solution that connects mobile apps to payment channels, giving mobile app users convenient access to a wide range of online payment options. The company cooperates with app developers to embed WIMI’s payment middleware, most of which feature AR functions, in mobile apps.

WIMI’s advanced payment middleware streamlines the often time-consuming mobile payment process. WIMI’s mobile payment middleware facilitates app developers to build an in-app payment infrastructure that allows micropayments to be made or received through an efficient, secure system, without any interface redirection. Such mobile payment middleware enables app developers to store users’ payment credentials in a trusted and safe environment and eases user’s burden of repeatedly entering and authenticating payment information for each transaction.

WIMI’s payment middleware can be fully integrated with various types of mobile apps, especially those employing AR technologies, such as live streaming, gaming, selfie, photo editing, and video-sharing apps. Currently, WIMI’s payment middleware supports substantially all of the major online payment channels in China, and is compatible with the mainstream mobile operating systems.

The following graphic illustrates the key steps involved in the holographic AR payment middleware services that the company provides to app developers:

The company generates revenues from WIMI’s mobile payment middleware by sharing revenues with app developers at an agreed-upon percentage. In addition, in 2018, The company launched 233 Game Platform, an online game distribution platform. This platform provides game developers with technical support and value-added services that may help them target, reach and monetize their audiences. For the year ended December 31, 2019, over 800 apps were operated on or docked into WIMI’s 233 Game Platform, which attracted over 260,000 active members, defined as the number of registered accounts that logged in at least once during a specified time period. The company started generating revenue from WIMI’s platform in the second quarter of 2019, as the company started adding new apps to the platform that gained polarity with users, and certain existing games became more popular among users.

The company also sell MR software, a comprehensive holographic application platform independently developed by WIMI’s research and development team, which includes holographic audio-visual integrated operation, holographic advertising service, holographic media asset management and holographic data management on the platform level and holographic interactive system, holographic recognition system, holographic labeling system, holographic tracking system, holographic capture system and holographic analysis system. WIMI’s MR software also includes multiple modules that allow end-users to edit and display holographic AR contents and create their own custom visual effects.

WIMI’s AR holographic entertainment business is based on users’ demand for entertainment applications in the field of 3D computer vision. The company charges the customers software license fees. With the development and popularization of AR holographic hardware devices, the company expects that there will be more applications in the future for WIMI’s AR holographic entertainment products.

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