The Electric Boarding Company’s Initiative to Revolutionise Renewable Urban Commuting

July 13 06:26 2020
The Electric Boarding Company’s Initiative to Revolutionise Renewable Urban Commuting
Bridging the Gap between Traditional Urban Transport and Electric Vehicles

With a vast and diverse range of products and collections from some of the industries pioneers in electric bikes, electric skateboards, electric scooters and also water-sports and hydrofoils, the Electric Boarding Company has become a go-to online hub for US online shoppers to find their ideal mode of e-transport.

Founded by 3 ex-professional tennis players and top NCAA collegiate athletes, Electric Boarding Co. or “EBC” as they call themselves, have found a way to bridge the gap between muggy and congested urban transport and a more cost-efficient renewable form of urban commuting. “It is not a theory, nor a debate that we have a role to play in battling the social and environmental impacts of urban commuting. Renewable energy and electric transportation are the first step to bridging the gap we’ve created,” explains Co-Founder Andrew Watson. Targeted to help all customers of all ages, Electric Boarding Co. provides a far greater catalog and personalized experience that many large conglomerates.

Featuring a bestselling electric bike collection including foldable bikes, electric city bikes, electric fat tire and off-road bikes, customers can tailor their decision to suit their style of ride and their goals. For those looking for a little more adventurous methods of getting to work or class, EBC have top electric bike brands and e-board brands for sale. Not to mention accommodating models of e-scooters to join the global hype and what more, hydrofoils and electric surfboards, a growing demand and immense market for the future.

Unlike your traditional overseas brands, The Electric Boarding Company are based and operating out of Florida and have customer service that’s second to none. With a rapid response email service by an expert, live chat 7 days a week until 10pm and 2 phone call lines, EBC have a in house customer service team that enables you to ask for any advice by an expert and also compare your options on demand. In light of the events of COVID 19, the founding members of Electric Boarding Co, have managed to help provide multiple families, homes and workers in inner city environments find a more “socially distant” form of getting out the house and staying safe, particularly in cities such as New York and Los Angeles, where electric bikes have become a more common mode of transportation. Founding member Aron Hiltzik also explains – “COVID has made people realize we are too dependent on subways and public transport. Not only are e-bikes more cost efficient, they’re often faster and safer moving forwards, as we start to enter a new decade where electric micro mobility vehicles are a necessary medium.”

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