PuppyDoc: Say Woof! to the New Dog Healthcare Management IoT Device

July 13 08:02 2020
PuppyDoc, a wearable dog healthcare device for blockchain-based pet ID registration and circadian rhythm-based healthcare, is making its debut on Kickstarter.

July 13, 2020 – The sight of sick and abandoned puppies and dogs isn’t uncommon these days. If only there was a smart device that could help humans “understand” their dog’s heath requirements, and thereby also reduce the number of stray dogs. Say hello to PuppyDoc, the world’s first IOT device that is currently helping over 3,000 pet owners monitor and maintain the health status of their pets.

Dogs and puppies, if they could talk, would tell us everything they needed – their biological rhythms, sleeping habits, vitamin D requirements, sun exposure, and so on (sadly, only Brian Griffin from Family Guy can talk, and he’s only an animated character). 

So PuppyDoc is here to communicate all of these needs to pet owners. PuppyDoc is the first IoT device custom-designed to help maintain a healthy life in pets, especially dogs. The wearable gadget monitors and suggests medically approved ways to keep pets in tip-top condition at all times. The device allows pet owners to:

  • Keep an eye on your dog’s needs 

  • Receive suggestions on when to exercise, rest, walk, and get sun exposure 

  • Monitor vitamin D and melatonin levels (the two parts of a dog’s sanity)

  • Use the inbuilt GPS system to locate missing pets, indoor or outside

  • Receive suggestions on sleep schedules

  • Monitor multiple puppies with one app

With PuppyDoc, you cannot go wrong while caring for your dog. The device recommends the right amount of exercise, sunlight exposure, and sleep time depending on the breed and age of your puppy. Now with chew toys and treats, also give the best gift called health to your dog,” says Kevin Lee, Founder, PuppyDoc.

Every pet owner, at some time or other, has wondered, “What is a suitable time to expose pets to sunlight, take them out to exercise, or put them to sleep?” There is also a whole lot of other information to remember, like levels of exercise, amount of sunlight exposure, sleep times, vitamin D levels, etc. Every dog or puppy, depending on their type, size, fur’s color and the environment, has different needs for sun exposure, exercise or sleep. 

PuppyDoc “remembers” all of this, freeing up pet owners to focus on other important things. PuppyDoc receives data about the dog’s activities, such as exercise, rest, walking distance or sleep, and ensures that dogs get to live an optimally healthy lifestyle. 

For instance, PuppyDoc measures light color, temperature, and illumination and recommends the best time to take the dog out. It uses a 3-Axis accelerometer to track the dog’s movements and recommends time to exercise, rest or sleep. Pet owners can also use PuppyDoc to know their dog’s body rhythms by filling in the previous date of injection, medication, and the day of change of feed and toy.

PuppyDoc is one hearty way to deal with the anxiety, loneliness, and depression by keeping in touch with your little guy. It is also a genius way to learn about your dog’s lifestyle when you’re not around. PuppyDoc tool is capable of recommending lifestyle events and changes including illuminance and exercise for up to 24 different dog breeds, with more being added regularly.

For more information, please visit: https://bit.ly/2CrcP3f

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