Strip Away Stress with “The Calm Creator” Alice Law

July 13 18:15 2020
Stress is the “mental” pandemic of the 21st century and it’s the silent killer of our own happiness.
Strip Away Stress with “The Calm Creator” Alice Law

We were all born essentially calm and mastering calmness itself can be a secret superpower. Calmness is something that we all can learn to tap back into so we can manage and prevent stress in our daily lives.

Alice Law is a Stress Management and Holistic Performance Coach, she has a 5 Star Rated Podcast and is also an International Author and Speaker. There are many components to managing stress and Alice also is a trained Reiki & Intuitive Expert who teaches her clients how to strip away stress and guide them back to balance, so they can be the calm, charismatic and successful leader in all areas of their life. 

Alice understands stress from a unique position because she went through chronic stress over a 7 year period, where she personally experienced the truly damaging effects in her life. Having lost her own father to a stress related illness, she wants to support her clients “dis-identify” from stress and live in their natural state of calm. From this experience she discovered her most effective process to not just manage stress but to prevent it going forward.

She is known as “The Calm Creator” as she believes that calmness is a skill and if it wasn’t then the whole world would be stress free. Her belief is that we were all born calm and we just have to remember that and relearn it. She equips her clients with tools like meditations, videos with her methods, engaging podcast episodes, master classes and group coaching calls with herself and other guest experts. She has discovered the most effective process is to not just manage stress but to prevent it going forward through synergy of the mind and soul.

As the founder of Lawali Life and Co-Founder of International Best Seller “The Law of Brand Attraction”, Alice is introducing a new online membership subscription called The Lawali Life – Calm Collective. This is a resource center where people can strip away stress and become the calm and charismatic leaders of their life and careers.

“A calm mind is our greatest strength, but a calm soul is a weapon against anything.”Alice Law

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